The Betty Rocker InterviewOn this episode, I’m joined by my friend and fitness rockstar Bree Argetsinger, better known as The Betty Rocker. She’s built an amazing brand and following by being totally authentic, connecting personally with her audience, and creating awesome content in all kinds of formats so people have lots of ways to find and enjoy her work. She now has a rabid fan base that love her and follow her online, and she’s been able to turn her love of fitness and health into a thriving business.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Bree built a unique brand that is authentically “her”
  • How she quickly transitioned from just sharing free information to making a living from her passion
  • The specific social media platform that helped launch Bree’s huge following, and how you should approach using it to get the best results
  • Why there’s no “perfect” way to grow your following and business
  • What many business owners are doing wrong with social media that’s keeping them from growing
  • An unexpected and amazingly cool side perk of having a personal brand
  • How to know how “open” to be with your audience
  • Why producing video content doesn’t have to be complicated and scary
  • Bree’s schedule for posting content, and why consistency is so important
  • Suggestions for how to get paid for your content and following, even if you don’t have a product
  • How to do affiliate marketing the right way, both as an affiliate and a product owner

Listen to the episode:

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@thebettyrocker on Instagram

My key takeaways for you:
– Your personal brand should have a “hook” (like Bree’s “punk rock Betty Crocker”) and be true to your personality. Trying to fake it is exhausting and can come off as awkward.
– Pick one main social network or traffic channel to focus on, and really build your tribe there. Learn the rules, experiment with it, and stick with it until you’ve really mastered it.
– Instead of just “preaching to the choir” find new ways to grow your audience, like with Bree’s 30 day challenges. These let her regularly bring in new people who haven’t heard her message before, or who need some structure to guide them. Plus these kinds of challenges are very shareable and social.