In this episode I’m joined by my friend Jacob Hiller, who for the past several years has been living a totally nomadic lifestyle and traveling the world with his wife and young son. And the whole time, he’s been doing it while making money from a niche that you wouldn’t think is really a thing: teaching people how to jump higher.

I think you’ll love this episode, because Jacob shares how he created his business totally by accident, starting off purely with free content based on what he knew and was interested in, and grew it into an incredibly successful business that gives him the freedom to travel the world and live life on his own terms. He shares how he got started, the mistakes he made along the way and lessons he learned, how he turned free content into products, and much more.

Here are just some of the things you’ll learn:

  • How Jacob easily gets ideas for new content, and cranks out tons of content quickly and easily
  • Why ugly videos can be more effective than those with slick production values
  • How Jacob moved from a single traffic channel into multiple traffic channels
  • Where Jacob’s sales come from, and what has worked best for him
  • How he manages his business from around the world, and how much he spends on his virtual team
  • The exact tools Jacob uses to manage his business and employees
  • How Jacob made his product appealing to affiliates, even without active recruitment
  • Why it’s important to both find a unique angle in your niche and play in a big enough market to have a viable business

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Mentioned in this episode:

  • Mumble: Walkie-talkie style chat program for teams
  • Used to manage his team’s communication
  • Asana: Free task management software
  • GTD: Getting Things Done book and method
  • Dropbox: Free storage
  • Snagit: Screen sharing software
  • My Ebook Master: Software program Jacob created
  • ClickBank: Payment processor and affiliate network Jacob uses for his products (disclosure: I used to work for ClickBank)
  • Gumroad: Payment processor and product delivery system
  • – The program that started it all for Jacob!

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