Kevin Rogers Copywriter and Comedian

Kevin Rogers – then and now!

I’m joined this episode by my friend and copywriting genius (that’s not an overstatement) Kevin Rogers. Nowadays he gets paid very well to write sales copy and marketing materials for other business owners, but in his earlier days he was a professional stand-up comedian, hustling and touring around the country trying to make a living. The good news is, he’s still hilarious after all these years.

Over time, though, Kevin realized that he could apply what he learned from comedy and joke-telling to writing compelling messages that get people to take actions like subscribing, opening emails, and buying.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The different between direct response marketing and agency marketing, and when to use each of them in your business
  • Kevin’s awesome, simple formula (adapted from joke telling) for getting visitors or prospects to immediately Know, Like, and Trust you
  • Common mistakes that passionate entrepreneurs make when trying to persuade visitors to take action
  • How to be persuasive without being too “hypey”
  • Why you can’t afford to blog like some of the most popular blogs on the Internet, and examples of how to do it the right way
  • The magic question you can ask to get more comments and better engagement from visitors, experts, or people you want to interact with
  • How to poll your audience in a way that gets responses and tells you exactly what products and services to offer them
  • Kevin’s recommendations for people and resources to check out, his “unfair advantage,” and his awesome tribe for people who want to improve their copywriting

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