Chris Sharpe of Hilah CookingOn this episode, I’m joined by Chris Sharpe, who has created two extremely popular YouTube shows, Hilah Cooking and Yoga with Adriene. The interesting thing is that he’s the “behind the scenes” creator, producer, and business guy—he doesn’t actually appear on camera himself! This is such a cool model for those of you who don’t feel comfortable putting your face on camera but would love to partner with someone who does to build a big following and a thriving business.

Chris shares all kinds of good info about how he and his partners got started and quickly grew their shows to huge followings in very competitive, usually under-monetized niches. You’ve got to hear the amazing results he recently got out of a free promotion he did with Hilah Cooking that generated over 100,000 new subscribers! I was blown away when he told me about it.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Chris has created multiple income streams for each of the shows he’s created
  • How Chris has created incredibly popular shows in very competitive niches (cooking and yoga)
  • What kinds of planning went into creating the show as a business
  • How Chris grew his shows with no starting budget
  • The traffic tactic most people don’t think of for videos
  • What kinds of community building and social media he uses to grow his shows, and how analytics plays a role
  • How Chris consistently finds ideas for new content
  • Different types of videos you can create, and how they attract different kinds of visitors
  • Why Facebook Groups can be an awesome way to engage fans and customers
  • The cool mix of products Chris has created to monetize his brands, including physical products
  • How to promote your mix of products and offerings to your audience
  • The amazing promotion Chris recently ran that generated nearly 100,000 YouTube subscribers and 15,000 email subscribers for free!
  • Shortcuts Chris uses to make video production quicker, easier, and cheaper
  • Why audio quality is more important than video quality
  • Chris’ favorite tools for editing and producing video
  • Chris’ recommended books, software, his hilarious “Unfair Advantage,” and more

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