Jeff Salzenstein TennisThis week I’m joined by my friend Jeff Salzenstein. Jeff is a former Top 100 tennis player in the world, but retired a few years ago and now teaches thousands of people how to improve their tennis skills. He does this through his YouTube channel, which has a huge following, and through digital products he’s created that help people with specific aspects of their game.

He shares a ton of great information about how he got started, how he gets traffic and sales, and much more!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Jeff teaches a physical activity (tennis) online
  • Why having a great team around you is so important
  • The incredible power of “just getting started”
  • Why modeling other business owners is so important when you’re getting started, especially people outside of your niche
  • How to avoid frustration and burnout if you’re not good with technology
  • Why getting a coach is so important to your success
  • How to most effectively work with a coach when you hire one
  • Alternatives to getting a coach if you’re not ready for one
  • How Jeff started building his following and eventually released his first product
  • Jeff’s main sources of traffic, and how he got affiliates to promote him in a niche where affiliate marketing isn’t common
  • How he decides what products to sell to his audience
  • Jeff’s content creation schedule, and how he regularly cranks out high quality videos and more
  • When going to in-person events is a good idea, and when it’s not
  • The power of “being cool” (not like Fonzie cool, though)
  • Tools, services, and books Jeff recommends for growing a business

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