Amy Baglan of Meet MindfulI’m joined by Amy Baglan, the founder of Meet Mindful, a dating site for people who love the mindful lifestyle and are into activities like yoga, meditation, spirituality, and more. She shares how she built her first business, Yoga Dates, after recognizing a need that she had that wasn’t being filled in the market, and how she transitioned that business into Meet Mindful, which takes her original idea to a much bigger level.

Here’s some of the great stuff you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How Amy found a great niche in a market that’s extremely competitive and established
  • How she’s developed two thriving businesses around her own needs and interests
  • How Amy developed her first successful business quickly, simply, and on a shoestring budget
  • How she leveraged the traffic and customers other businesses already had to grow her own business
  • When she decided to change her business and start something new, and how she tied her first business into her second
  • Why Amy decided to seek funding for her new business instead of just bootstrapping
  • Advice for people who are looking for funding for their idea
  • How she decided between two very different paths when she was at a crossroads
  • Why timing is so important to picking the right niche
  • Personal vs “business” branding, and how to decide which is right for you
  • Why having a big vision and mentors are key to your success
  • Why you NEED to test your idea before moving forward with it, and some quick, easy ways to test your idea
  • Important mindset shifts that have made a huge difference in her life and business

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