Dr. Aziz GazipuraI’m joined by Dr. Aziz Gazipura, who gets paid to help people become more confident. After earning his doctorate in psychology, Dr. Aziz decided he wanted to help as many people as possible to improve their “inner game” and take their lives to a higher level, as well as helping people who are crippled by fear and confidence issues.

I think you’ll love this episode, because not only did Dr. Aziz and I talk about how he transitioned from the academic world to creating a thriving online business using marketing skills he learned along the way—he also shared some of his best tips for entrepreneurs on how to face your fears, go after your biggest goals, and not get defeated by the inevitable setbacks we all face. This episode will help you in multiple ways, and Dr. Aziz has powerful, inspiring advice for all of us.

You’ll learn:

  • How his career path and business developed out of his own need and pain
  • Why he made the shift from a “traditional” career in psychology to starting a unique, personal business
  • Why we don’t need a stamp of approval to help people
  • How he started building his reputation and following as an expert online
  • Dr. Aziz’s smart “cross-fade” strategy for building up a business without going broke
  • How coming from the academic world made him worse at business, and what he had to relearn to be effective at selling
  • Great tips for using psychology in your marketing
  • The traffic channel that gave him the most traction and impact
  • The money-making “pillars” of his business that let him get paid for his expertise
  • Why coaching can be the best way to get people to actually take action and get results
  • How Dr. Aziz turns people from free visitors to paying customers
  • The tools he uses to run his business and segment his audience for maximum effect
  • Fun exercises you can do to increase your confidence as an entrepreneur
  • How to get over the fear of rejection and keep moving toward your goals
  • How to face your demons and overcome them
  • Dr. Aziz’s tips for being engaging and effective on camera

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